PFP is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and processing line that operate under stringent supervision to ensure the highest food quality and safety standards.

PFP has achieved an internationally recognized Food Safety Standard System - HACCP to ensure that our products conform to international quality standards. The principles of HACCP are strictly adhered to in every step of its operational practice and procedures. (IN PROCESS)

Besides that, all of our products are certified "Halal" and conform to the requirements of Islamic Law and Malaysian Goverment Regulations. (IN PROCESS)

How's Food Safety System Work

  1. Workers :
  2. Any of the workers who feel unwell will not be allowed to work.

    Clean clothes, aprons, working / rubber boots, disposable gloves, beard mustache covers and hair covers are worn all the time before entering the processing facility.

    All our employees are trained in the knowledge of food borne illness and injury.

  3. Processing plant and equipment :
  4. Smoking and food consumptions are strictly not allowed in the facility.

    Buildings and the equipments are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

    Proper air ventilations are installed to maintain proper air flow for the purpose of minimizing food safety risks.

  5. The facility is regularly inspected by the government health inspectors.
  6. The water used in the facility is frequently tested for contaminations.
  • Our policy is to fulfillconsumers' satisfaction through quality products and services.

  • Maintaining our strict standards also means constant checks and scrutiny on all our ingredients and processes to safe-guard the water we use in our products and the packaging that carries them to our consumers. Stringent quality check is a rule for us to maintain the freshness and hygiene of our cookies.

  • At PFP, our clients' success and consumer satisfaction are the most honest reflection of our own commitment and success.